Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad de Grupo Espacio Industrial

Quality Management Sistem (QMS). Introduction

Grupo Espacio Industrial offers a wide range of integral industrial services. We have a solid Quality Management System (QMS). It is considered as a key tool to guarantee an optimal result, in accordance with the standard set by the reference regulations in this regard. That is why, several articles about the QMS will be published. Today, you can find the firt of them: A brief introduction.

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Banco de pruebas de tarjetas electrónicas, de Grupo Espacio Industrial

Test bench of Grupo Espacio Industrial. Components & training

In the previous post we discussed the advantages of the test bench of Grupo Espacio Industrial, a general and scalable application system capable of checking electronic cards in the life cycle, through specific developments, inspecting and reporting error areas, using “Pass / No Pass”.

Today we focus on the elements that compose it and the specific training required to handle this test bench.

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