Basic operative of the GAP in the LMS of Grupo Espacio Industrial

As we mentioned in the previous post, the Lean Management System (LMS) of Grupo Espacio Industrial is supported by the so-called GAPs (Grupo Autónomo de Personas – Autonomous Group of People).

The GAPs are the operational teams of the LMS, focused on achieving the defined objectives, by daily monitoring a series of indicators. They also deal with eliminating the dissatisfaction of its members, executing standardized tasks through the elimination of waste.

All this is embodied in a board that facilitates the monitoring of actions and indicators, and the review of objectives. Therefore, the board constitutes the visual management of GAP performance.

The GAP is made up of a maximum of 8-10 people, including the coordinator. And it has the support from different departments.

Daily, the GAP coordinator updates the indicators at a meeting in front of the board corresponding to each area. Ideas for improvement and difficulties of the team are commented and added in the corresponding action plan of the board.

To achieve the specific mission in indicators, all GAP members must have their job position defined. The material supply may come from the supplier or from another internal GAP that provides a semi-finished product. The result of the work of the GAP is the end customer or other GAP.