Grupo Espacio Industrial action against coronavirus

In Grupo Espacio Industrial, we are applying preventive measures against coronavirus. All of them focused on protecting the people who work in our organization, ensuring our activity, and guaranteeing service to our clients and the relationship with our suppliers.

To try to protect everyone in the Group, a series of measures have been adopted to reduce the risk of contagion of the COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. Among them the following stand out:

  • To develop a specific contingency plan.
  • To inform through infographics, posters … on prevention measures recommended by health agencies.
  • In our work centers with more people: To install hydroalcoholic gel dispensers with identifying and informative signs on their correct use; To contract an integral disinfection of all spaces; To start conversations to agree with cleaning services on additional measures to the usual ones; and constantly monitoring staff to avoid concentration of people.
  • To establish additional work and personal reconciliation measures, including teleworking and double shifts.
  • To carry out a specific risk assessment for coronavirus, which although it is not mandatory by law, we consider recommended, so the procedures to execute it have been launched. This will be accompanied by specific online training, aimed at office positions, in a first phase.
  • To avoid professional trips, as far as possible, trips to replace meetings through digital systems, whenever feasible.
  • To restrict the organization and / or participation in events, training and meetings of more than 10 people. Replacing them, when possible, by the streaming mode, both for internal and external.
  • To define and communicate the action protocol to be applied by the staff in case of infection and in case of symptoms during the working day.
  • To eliminate kisses and/or hugs in greetings among staff and with outsiders.