Virtualization of desktops, a reality in Grupo Espacio Industrial

A few years ago, the Innovation and Systems Department of Grupo Espacio Industrial began to create the bases to achieve the virtualization of the desktops. A goal that today is already a reality.

The Innovation and Systems Department has spent years betting on the virtualization of the desktops and on the implementation of the material resources needed to achieve it. In this sense, the Management of Grupo Espacio Industrial has not hesitated to support the investments required to make it a reality today.

Currently, the Group’s teleworking capacity is on par with that of large corporations. Thus, most of the office staff can work from their home with full guarantees and with access to the company resources. And this has been possible thanks to the “small” technological leaps made over time, such as:

  • Having a high-performance data center and server virtualization.
  • Implementing virtualization technologies for offices desks.
  • Migrating fixed phone lines from office to mobile ones.
  • Implementing Office365, a productivity, communication and collaboration platform hosted in the cloud that integrates a wide variety of applications and services.
  • Implementing multiple cybersecurity systems, such as: advanced email protection, VPN, antivirus on critical nodes, backup systems at the virtual machine level, etc.

All of them are improvements that, without a doubt, not only make teleworking viable as a formula to contribute to the continuity of the activity of our organization -integral industrial services- in a situation like the current one. But also to enable teamwork when, for example, its members are in different geographical or spatial locations. Therefore, it is a useful technological leap not only in the present, but also in the future.