Grupo Espacio Industrial publishes a guide about conciliation

At Grupo Espacio Industrial we have published the Guide for the Conciliation of Personal, Family and Work Life. It is available to all people of our organization that provides comprehensive industrial services. 

The objective of this guide is to explain basic concepts related to work-life balance, so that Group workers can concile their working life with, for example, taking care of their children.

The initiative is part of the measures aimed at the implementation of an Equality Plan in the Group, and contributes to disseminating the rights in conciliation matters, aimed at advancing real and effective equality between women and men in the labor market.

The guide considers various aspects related to the conciliation of personal, family and work life. Some of them are:

  • permission due to a birth of a child or leave to take care of a child
  • breastfeading
  • adaptation of the day and paid leave
  • reductions of working hours
  • unpaid leave
  • labor protection