Grupo Espacio Industrial updates the ERP, a key tool in business management

At Grupo Espacio Industrial, in line with the organization’s Digitization and Automation Plan, we have updated the ERP that we use, to enable users to access the application via the web. In addition, we have launched the access service through an application. This way the sales team can consult information and carry out several tasks with their smartphone. Those actions are focused to guarantee the highest quality of the comprehensive services that we offer at Grupo Espacio Industrial: the manufacture of custom wire harness, and the integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of electromechanical systems and equipment, as the main ones.

An ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), that is, a business resource planning system, which allows Grupo Espacio Industrial to facilitate business processes, centralizing information and making it possible to control it.

The one used in Grupo Espacio Industrial, like any ERP, is key in business management as it allows:

  • control, efficiently, all the global information of the company in a single platform, which in turn contribute, for example, to: eliminate redundant data and facilitate decision-making, thanks to easy, fast and orderly access to all information ;
  • improve internal organization, processes and resources, which means greater optimization and efficiency of management, including that related to customer relations;
  • increase productivity thanks to the automation of internal processes, which has an impact on staff productivity by, for example, helping to avoid duplicating tasks and data;
  • reduce costs, since, by standardizing processes and workflows, time and resources are optimized;
  • better control of all operations, and those related to stock, inventory or purchases.