Importance of digitization and automation in Grupo Espacio Industrial’s strategy

We are immersed in a process of accelerated technological transformation, economically and socially, all over the world. Grupo Espacio Industrial is no stranger to this. Hence, digitization and automation are key pillars in the strategy of our organization.

At Grupo Espacio Industrial we have assumed Industry 4.0 as a philosophy of interpretation of the business from a digital vision, as a culture to be internalized by everyone, with an innovative attitude and open to change.

With this, we propose to improve our competitiveness, facing the need to review, optimize and automate our production and management processes, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on the integral industrial services we offer.

Thus, we incorporate, in an orderly and constant manner, a series of digital technological advances to be more efficient, based on an exhaustive plan in which the following objectives are established:

  • efficient optimization of the entire process map;
  • and automatic battery integration throughout the value chain.

And this, taking into account:

  • a previously established order of priorities;
  • the cost-benefit ratio associated with each area or activity to be digitized or automated;
  • and the strengthening of our human capital, with the incorporation of specialized professionals and with the continuous training of all the Group’s personnel.