Grupo Espacio Industrial continues the process of consolidation of the SGL, through the implementation of the Lean Project

Grupo Espacio Industrial has launched the implementation process of the Lean Project methodology in the Engineering area, to create a project management model focused on achieving quality, profitability and deadlines objectives, and on the continuous improvement of those.

The Lean Project is a methodology of the SGL (Lean Management System), which focuses on the management of the project, contemplating its different phases (from the offer to the delivery of the product), through the use of a series of management tools of programs, such as:

  • Value Map Offers / Launches (VSM)
  • Project team TOP5
  • Project team – TOP60
  • Risk and opportunity management
  • KANBAN in projects
  • Learned lessons
  • Task meter
  • Agile methodology in program management
  • Project planning and control
  • Production time analysis (GRP lost performance and / or quality) VSM Process key products and / or major deviations in time