The Quality Management System (QMS). Participation of the people

The Quality Management System (QMS) works thanks to the correct work of all the people that make up Grupo Espacio Industrial.

We all participate, to a greater or lesser extent, in the defined processes. Therefore, for the proper functioning of the QMS, good practices and feedback of the system through knowledge of the processes and their results by all personnel are essential.

When a quality audit is carried out, the worker always acts according to the processes, procedures, instructions and roadmaps established by the organization, demonstrating knowledge of their tasks and the result they must give. Thus, before an audit, all personnel in the Group always explain the reality about their tasks.

The fulfillment and implementation of any QMS, without a doubt, benefits the employees, because it ensures that the processes are independent of the people. This allows to ensure, as far as possible, the quality of products and services. With a solid QMS the tasks to be carried out by the staff are perfectly defined. So that, there is no gap for the process to depend on people.