Test bench of Grupo Espacio Industrial. Components & training

In the previous post we discussed the advantages of the test bench of Grupo Espacio Industrial, a general and scalable application system capable of checking electronic cards in the life cycle, through specific developments, inspecting and reporting error areas, using “Pass / No Pass”.

Today we focus on the elements that compose it and the specific training required to handle this test bench.


The generic bank of the Group is composed of:

  • Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040 power supply
  • Rohde & Schwarz HMC8012 Multimeter
  • Gossen Metrawatt K851A (300W) electronic load
  • HMF2550 arbitrary wave generator (50Mhz)
  • HMO2024 oscilloscope
  • PXI National Instruments NI PXIe-1042 Rack
  • TTL NI PXI-6509 digital output inputs
  • NI PXIe-6363 multifunction card
  • RS-232 NI PXIe-8430 communications card
  • RS-422/485 NI PXIe-8431 communications card
  • GPIB connectivity
  • NI PXIe-8370 Card
  • Ethernet communications
  • USB communications

Required training

The profile for testing and repair with the platform should be average in knowledge of Electronics and management of generic Windows-based applications.A team of professionals in the Group is responsible for providing the necessary documentation of the banks to be designed, test protocols, as well as training the operators for their correct use. Training of personnel in repair issues, as well.

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