Quality Management System (QMS). Advantages

Today we continue talking about the Quality Management System (QMS), in line with the previous post. Now, we focus on its advantages and the strengths of the SGC in Grupo Espacio Industrial.

The QMS in Grupo Espacio Industrial offers multiple advantages both internally and externally. Among many others, it allows us to project a corporate image of process and product quality in front of our clients, as well as guarantee the control of established processes, and the standardization and continuous improvement of these ones.

Among the strengths of the Group’s QMS, we highlight our human capital, the strategic plans designed, the processes defined in detail and our business approach to continuous improvement.

In Grupo Espacio Industrial, quality plans are established by mutual agreement with each client for one or more specific projects. Thus, generally, these plans contemplate the lines of authority and responsibility, the human and material resources, the specific processes, the applicable regulations and/or documentation, the controls to be carried out and the expected result in terms of product/service quality.