Quality Management Sistem (QMS). Introduction

Grupo Espacio Industrial offers a wide range of integral industrial services. We have a solid Quality Management System (QMS). It is considered as a key tool to guarantee an optimal result, in accordance with the standard set by the reference regulations in this regard. That is why, several articles about the QMS will be published. Today, you can find the firt of them: A brief introduction.

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a tool consisting of a set of strategies, policies, human and material resources, means of production, objectives and processes. All of them are defined by an organization to obtain a result according to a quality standard included in a reference regulation.

Therefore, a QMS is composed of the quality policy and other policies, the strategic plan, the processes, the procedures, the instructions, the quality plans and other applicable documentation.

Having a QMS responds to the need to establish strategic lines of action, defined policies, robust and reliable processes, based on the guidelines set by a regulation common to all companies, to achieve adequate results in terms of quality of the products and services offered.

The main standards related to quality management are:

  • UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN 9100: 2018: Collect the requirements that the QMS must meet, respectively, in general and in particular (aeronautics, defence and aerospace sectors).
  • ISO / TS22163: Railway sector regulations, which replaces IRIS (main reference standard until 2017).
  • IATF16949: Regulations of the automotive sector.