Some projects of the Group

List of the most relevant projects developed by Grupo Espacio Industrial, through its Manufacturing and Maintenance business units.

Manufacturing projects

Manufacturing projects of Grupo Espacio Industrial


Wire harnesses and series and pre-series prototypes present in:

  • UAV, defense aircraft (aeronautics)
  • Launchers, scientists and telecommunications satellites and observatories of the Earth (aerospace)
  • MRTT, control consoles, primary radars, on-board equipment (defence)
  • Traffic control systems, LED lighting, ticketing, energy converters, primary radars, modems, IOT devices (industrial)

Maintenance projects

Maintenance projects of Grupo Espacio Industrial


  • Installation, start-up and corrective and preventive maintenance of:
    • toll facilities
    • ticketing and CCTV systems
    • alert system equipment
    • onboard equipment
    • cybersecurity systems
    • ITS and SOS equipment
    • Heliport control systems
    • ITS systems installed in tunnels and on roads and highways


  • Execution of public works, traffic lights, ornamental fountains and urban traffic, and maintenance