Digital transformation in Grupo Espacio Industrial

Grupo Espacio Industrial is immersed in a process of digital transformation. It was started years ago. Now and in next years, it is being consolidated based on a complete Digitalization and Automation Plan.

In general, the digital transformation is a process that allows every company to reorganize its working methods and strategies through the digitization of processes and the implementation of new technologies. It contributes to increasing the productivity of the organization. Therefore, digitization is an essential part to achieve this transformation, which, in turn, entails a change in mentality, by requiring “thinking in digital mode” to see reality differently. It is something key also in the 4th Industrial Revolution in which we find ourselves, and in which the emergence of Industry 4.0 stands out.

The digitization is not a new term at Grupo Espacio Industrial, but the process of digital transformation of the organization began years ago. In fact, on the one hand, for years, technology has been an ally in continuous improvement, and there is a constant commitment to optimizing technical resources by Senior Management, to offer the best integral industrial services. The digitization and the automation are present in the management of the Group. In fact, actions are usually carried out to improve internal processes using the systems, simplifying operations and shortening work times; and there is considerable effort and dedication to achieve these improvements. All this represents a great progress, slow but constant, in the process of digital transformation of our organization, which positively influences the integral industrial services we offer. A process that is and will only be possible thanks to the participation of all the people who are part of Grupo Espacio Industrial.