Contribution of Grupo Espacio Industrial for the labour integration project of the FJT

On May 23rd, the Fundación Juanjo Torrejón (FJT) organized, at the Carlos III Royal Theater of Aranjuez, an act of gratitude to Grupo Espacio Industrial for its donation to the “Job placement project for people in situations of social vulnerability”.

The program attends each year to more than 250 people, mainly residents of Aranjuez, but also from other locations such as Colmenar de Oreja, and municipalities of Castilla La Mancha.

It assists at those who are unemployed and / or socially vulnerable, and who have greater difficulties in accessing employment, such as young people, women with young children, people over 54 years old and immigrants.

The Foundation provides help through personalized insertion itineraries, training programs in different areas, business prospecting activities, actions to reduce the digital divide caused by the use of new technologies, etc.